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Category: Scooters

The Pride Celebrity X Scooter is a feature rich, luxury product at an attractive price. Available in a 3 or 4-wheel format, it offers elegant simplicity, unmatched reliability, impressive performance and easy-to-use operation. The Celebrity X is a perfect blend of style, performance technology, convenient standard features and affordable pricing, making it the best overall luxury scooter value in its class. The Pride Celebrity X Scooter breaks down into 7 easy-to-transport pieces. With the heaviest piece only weighing 65.5 pounds, virtually anyone can load and unload the Celebrity Scooter.

Features & Benefits

  • Feature-rich luxury product at an attractive price

  • Delta tiller with wraparound handles

  • Auto-latching lockup for easy assembly/disassembly

  • Top speed up to 6 MPH

  • 350 lbs. weight capacity

  • 19" x 16" deluxe foldable molded seat w/ sliders for increased comfort

  • Includes bright, long-lasting LED lights for safety

  • Front frame-mounted seat post for optimal stability

  • Convenient 5 amp off-board charger

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